Zubimendi: ‘We are not going to walk around’

Martín Zubimendi, midfielder for Real Sociedad and the Spanish Under-21 team, wanted to highlight in the press conference prior to the quarterfinals of the European Championship against Croatia (6:00 p.m. CEST) that the coach, Luis de la Fuente, He has insisted to them during the week that they are not going to go “left over” or go for a walk.

“One of the things that Luis is telling us is that we remove ourselves from the favorite role. In Croatia, although it does not have well-known names, we have seen that there are individualities that can make a difference. He has tried to make us see that we are not going to go too much or take a walk. It is true that in previous years we have proven to be up to the task and we also have that illusion and we will go for it all, “he said at a press conference.

A Zubimendi who regretted arriving with physical problems in the first phase played in March, but who claims to be already at 100%: “It was a thorn in the side, having reached that phase a little diminished. In the end I was able to play quite a few minutes in that phase, but not 100%. Now with a lot of desire, I am very well physically and now I can give my 100% “, he declared.

The midfielder is a fundamental piece for Luis de la Fuente, who holds him in high esteem: “I have always felt important, I have noticed Luis’s confidence. The position of ‘6’ is more or less what they ask me at Real, which is to give balance and especially here in which our game of possession is very important ”, he commented when asked by EFE about the coach’s confidence in he.

Adrià Pedrosa also appeared before the media and regretted, when questioned by EFE, that the second phase of the European Under-21 coincides with the end of LaLiga SmartBank where his team, Espanyol, with promotion already in their pocket, will fight tonight for the title.

“For us it has been a difficult year and we achieved the goal, but it is a shame that we are here because the team is playing for the title, but we will support them because we trust that we will achieve it,” he said.

A Pedrosa who regretted, like Luis de la Fuente, the difficulties encountered after Jon Moncayola’s positive for coronavirus, to whom he sent all his “support”.

“It has been a very unusual week. It was different because we found this positive, but from the first moment we have kept the protocol that they have sent us and waiting for the results of the tests, hoping that they would be negative because the more pineapple we do, the better it will be on the field ”, he commented.

Pedrosa also arrived with some discomfort to the previous phase, but highlighted his season that is going to close in the U21 European Championship: “Thanks to the confidence of the coaching staff of both Espanyol and the U21, this year I notice myself with much trust. I was able to play many games at a good level. I simply want to be at a good level, to show that I can play and that I can do well ”, he concluded.