Zubeldia’s thigh says enough

Thigh of Igor
Zubeldia said enough and, after several weeks living with pain, the azkoitiarra does not travel to Huesca because he suffers a myositis
ossifying on the back of your right thigh. To the azkoitiarra one has come out calcification in the muscle that will keep you out of combat depending on how the pain evolves, which can become strong and limiting. It is an unusual lesion, which, treated with anti-inflammatories and physiotherapy, normally evolves well, with the pain and even calcification disappearing, although if the pain persists, removing the lesion through a small surgery is not ruled out.

drag this problem since the game against him Manchester disputed in Turin on February 18, although with more or less discomfort he had been able to train and compete normally. In the match against him Celtic on Anoeta ten days ago, in any case, despite the fact that it warmed up, he could not jump onto the pitch and in Ipurua forced before the lack of troops in the rear. Consequence of that last service to the cause, or not, the injury at this time prevents the azkoitiarra train and play and did not travel to Huesca. In the txuri urdin club it is expected that, through conventional treatment, Zubeldia recover quickly, although it is difficult to predict how long it will be out. The match against Elche is coming soon.