Ziganda: ‘I am satisfied with our ambition’

The coach of the Oviedo, José Ángel ‘Cuco’ Ziganda, affirmed after the tie against the Spanish at RCDE Stadium that the team has no “choice” but to settle for the result in a match that became very expensive for the Asturians after the expulsion of Dídac.

The coach, in this sense, highlighted the team’s will in the Blue and White fiefdom: “We knew we had the advantage of one more player and we have never considered the result good. The mentality of the team is beyond any doubt even if we don’t get it right ”.

Ziganda He insisted that the team is “strong and never gives up.” “We have been able to stay in the game. My ambition has satisfied me and that we did not see where we were when we wanted to win, ”he said.

The coach acknowledged that the host was “very superior” in the first quarter of an hour. “We have not entered with the spark that the game required. The Spanish It is a team that is obliged to win, it came from drawing and has come out with great intensity. At the beginning it has been difficult for us ”, he commented.

On an individual level, the coach congratulated forward Nahuel for his performance. “Whatever I do, I’m happy,” he said. The attacker has signed the equalizer.