Zidane’s weapons to fight for LaLiga

After two months of hiatus, there is less and less for soccer to resume in Spain. Then he will do it in a kind of ‘mini-season’ of 11 games in which he has absolutely everything to decide with the aggravating factor, in addition, of the tightness that the schedule demands and that announce hard and intense weeks on the physical plane.

For this reason, Zidane, immersed in the fight for LaLiga, already knows that he will have to unleash the potential of his entire squad if he wants to fight for the trophy and end up winning it. And for this, it has some players on the squad who, thanks to their privileged physique, can make a difference.

French striker Karim Benzema

This is the case, in defense, of players like Carvajal or Mendy, both with a great capacity for effort and who, already in the past, have shown that, if the injuries respect them, they are capable of ‘failing’ in each game by help the team. In a position as important as that of the wingers, both the youth squad and the French are two very valid options for Zidane who, surely, already has an important role reserved for them in this final final sprint ’.

Valverde, the flag of sacrifice

If there is someone who has shown dedication, sacrifice and effort during the season, it has been Fede Valverde. The Uruguayan, in his hatching season, has become the owner of the midfield with his great ability to cover the game and his physical skills will provide whites with an extra energy once the moment of truth arrives.

Fede Valverde.
Fede Valverde.

And it is that, perhaps with Casemiro, ‘El Pajarito’ is the only one of the midfielders who have at their disposal Zidane who guarantee strength, speed and physique in capital amounts.

Vinicius and the youth of those above

For their part, on the offensive plane it is the Vinicius, Rodrygo or Brahim, who represent electricity for Zidane. Although it is true that from the beginning they will most likely start from a secondary role, at the moment when the forces falter, their youth and predisposition can represent for the coach a kind of lifeguard.

Thus, and with the start of the league less than a month away, Zidane is already deciphering the keys and the players who will have the best performance plan depending on the different moments and stages that the competition presents during the period of time. that is finished to dispute.