Zidane’s path towards the titles of his record

Zidane leaves for the second time Real
Madrid after leaving the showcase of titles a little fuller. The Frenchman, who returned in March 2019 to straighten the course of a drifting team, managed to squeeze the orange a little more to win a League and a Spanish Super Cup that rounded off his individual record, leaving him in eleven titles won in 263 games. In other words, one award every 23 games. A figure that is only surpassed by Michael
Muñoz, a coach who was in office more than twice as many games as the Frenchman (605) and who leaves Zidane as the most productive coach in the 119-year history of the Real

This Friday, anniversary of the first

Thus, by chance, the day after his final goodbye marks the fifth anniversary of the first title he won under the command of the Real
Madrid: the Eleventh. The Frenchman, arrived in that season, 15/16, in the month of January, knew how to advance in the friendly knockout rounds of the eighth (Rome), rooms (Wolfsburg), semifinals (Manchester
City) and finally (Athletic
Madrid) to build in Milan what was the first of his three Champions, a title with which the French has had a special connection.

2017, his year round

And when Zidane, endorsed by the Undécima, he was able to take control for a full season, it was when his best season in front of the white team took place. It was in 2016/17 when, with a very large and full of figures, he led the club to achieve a double of League Y Champions that had not been achieved since 1958.

Zidane’s titles

That season, the only thing missing was the Copa del Rey to match the historic ‘Sextete’ of the Barça from Guardiola and that this course has also achieved the Bayern
Munich from Hansi

The Cup has resisted him

Thus, the Frenchman will be able to say goodbye to the Real
Madrid with an undeniable aura of a winner but with the thorn of not having been able to lift a Copa del Rey. A tournament that has given him many troubles and of which he has not even been able to play a semifinals, always falling in the quarterfinals against Celtic (16/17), Leganes (17/18) and Real
Society (19/20). Already in the season that has just ended has been when he has signed his worst record when he fell to the humble Alcoyano in the round of 16.