Zidane: ‘Today was not a football match; it should have been suspended. ‘

Few times could Zinedine Zidane be seen as upset as at the end of the match against Osasuna in El Sadar. The Frenchman, who is not used to talking about extra-sports situations, showed from the beginning his discomfort with LaLiga for having played the game in such conditions. “We did what we could do on the field but it was not a football match. The conditions were very difficult. Everything that has happened these two days has been very complicated. We do not know when we can return and the truth is that we will see how it is fixed ”.

But the Frenchman did not stop there and continued to express his opinion to the point that he came to assure that the match should not have been played and that, therefore, it should have been postponed. “Yes, clearly the match against Osasuna should have been postponed. Clearly”.

As for whether or not he had been harmed by LaLiga, Zidane did not want to go further and commented that everyone had seen what had happened. “I’m not going to get into these things. We have done what they have told us, we have played and that’s it. We have to think about recovering even if we don’t know if we are going to go to Madrid tomorrow, if we are going to return on Monday. And on Wednesday we have another game. ”

Finally, the Frenchman apologized for repeating himself so many times about the idea that the Pamplona “was not a football match”, but he wanted to make it clear. “The conditions to play football were not met, which in the end is what everyone wants. Both us and the rival, as well as the people ”, he concluded.