Zidane: ‘The important thing is the game, not what I’m going to do’

Zinedine Zidane, coach of the Real Madrid, appeared at the press conference in the previous match of the last day against Villarreal. The French coach, subjected to a barrage of questions about his future, still did not clarify whether he will continue on the white bench next season.

Her future

“The important thing is the game, not what I’m going to do. After tomorrow’s game we will see, there is time to talk about that. This is not the time, our energy must be put into tomorrow’s game. After 37 days we are not going to waste time thinking about next year. I respect your questions but our focus is solely on tomorrow’s game. We have to do 90 minutes at a very high level ”.

Course balance

“It has been a hard road, it is a special day because it is the last. We came to give everything, we will leave everything. We know who we are going to play against, we are going to give everything to get the three points.

“In 2017 we won in the last game, that’s why it’s so beautiful. The balance of the season is very good, the team has given everything. The team and the people who work for the players. Tomorrow we will see if the note for the season is a 9 or a 9.5 “

Relationship with his players and with the fans

“I love my players very much. They in the field have saved me because they have always given everything. I will always be grateful to them. It’s nice that they want me to stay ”.

“I have always received the affection of the people. As a player and as a coach they have always been affectionate. I have given everything because it is the best house I have ever been in. They are almost 20 years. I get the affection of the people. I have returned that affection giving everything, Madrid is the best thing that has happened to me ”.

Ramos will enter the list and Hazard, out

“Ramos is going to be with us. The team will see you tomorrow. Sergio has trained well. Hazard has something. We are not going to risk. Tomorrow will not be “

Reproach yourself

“I have nothing to reproach my players. Many houses have happened, covid, injuries … I may have been wrong, I am very critical of myself. IM a winner. Sometimes it seems that I do not care about everything but it is not true. I do everything to win, it is in the DNA of this team. I take advantage of every moment of being on this team. You have to enjoy whatever happens. We have the illusion of winning the League and we are going to give it our all ”.

“Really sure, Madrid can be a better team without me.”

His vindication in the middle of the season

“You had criticized me a lot, it is part of football and life. I asked that they let us work. We are the current champions, the team deserves to fight. The balances are made last. We all change the situation. We have carried that until the last game. We live to experience these emotions ”.

His role in Benzema’s return to the French national team

“I have not had any role in it and I am very happy that I can play for France. I am happy for him. France will benefit from Benzema ”.