Zidane knows Real Madrid’s plans for next season

Zinedine Zidane knows by heart everything he wants to do Real Madrid for the next season at the sporting level. This is explained by the newspaper ABC, which ensures that those responsible for the white club have informed Zidane of their sports plans for the next campaign at all times.

The French coach already knows the players who are discarded for the club and will continue like this, whether he continues in office or not, points out ABC, which also highlights that although Zidane will be able to decide on the future of some players, there are “lines red ”, says ABC, which Zidane it cannot pass or change. Or what is the same, that the club has already decided the future of some players and although the coach wants them to stay, the club is clear that they are going to leave.

The newspaper also points out that at Real Madrid they trust Zidane to carry out the revolution that the club has designed.