Zidane, a very thoughtful goodbye to Real Madrid

Zidane He decided that yesterday was the day to inform Real Madrid that he was not going to continue on the bench. He told the players and the white officials that a few days before they asked him to take some time for reflection that he took by going on vacation these days.

Zidane he reflected but the idea had already been taken for a long time. The coach did not like being questioned from the inside and outside when the team was going through a pothole. That happened in January, when the team was eliminated from the Copa del Rey against Alcoyano.

The coach reacted with the famous appearance before the media asking for respect for his work and the players. A message for critics from outside, but also from within Real Madrid. Zidane He has lived through a very tense season that has ended with his decision to leave the white bench although he still had one more season on his contract.

Now, Real Madrid must look for a coach who will lead a revolution and who does not have the ties that he had and has with a good part of the white dressing room. A revolution that has started with goodbye dand Zidane.