Zayra Gutiérrez ‘eats’ her new boyfriend with kisses

The daughter of Arantxa de Benito and Guti, Zayra, has been involved in numerous controversies since the pandemic began. However, this time the young woman is in the news because she has decided to introduce her new boyfriend through social networks.

The young woman has shared Instagram snapshots in which she appears kissing with Miki, a boy she has been dating for a short time but has known for four years.

“Simply you”, he limited himself to writing next to the captures. “My nightmare” was the answer he left. Miki in the comment section of the post.

“I am going to give you a brief summary of how we met. It was four years ago. At that time he was with a friend of mine and introduced us. In the end, I’m done with him. We have little, “he confessed with a laugh through” hostilities. “

“I’m going to answer this question because the funny girl on duty asked it. The girl, the one who was my friend, has gone to speak ill of me to “Save me,” to sell my face. She is a bad friend. If I fell in love with him, then what a bitch … ”, argued Zayra after receiving several messages from his followers that did not sit well with him.