Zasca from ‘La Resistencia’ to Iker Jiménez for what he has written about Fernando Simón

This Sunday Jordi Évole interviews in his program one of the great protagonists of the last year, Fernando Simón. The communicator thus aims the same, after having in his two previous programs with José María Aznar and Ibai Llanos, something that has not sat well with everyone.

It is the case of Iker Jimenez, which in the last hours has regretted that the director of the Center for Coordination of Health Emergencies has not responded to any of the interview requests that you have made for a long time.

Horizonte has already made 8 invitations to Dr. Fernando Simón. At the moment all rejected”He wrote, a few words that had an almost immediate reply on the part of the program’s twitter account ‘The Resistance’ that, half jokingly half seriously, has long talked about the possibility of having Iker as a guest.

The same ones that we have made to you”They replied.

We will see if this unblocks the situation, and shortly we see Iker Jiménez sitting next to Broncano to have a good time.