Zasca from Jorge Javier to Patricia Pardo for her controversial words about Rocío Carrasco

The interview last Wednesday with Rocio Carrasco is deepening the gap between colleagues at Telecinco. Most of the chain’s workers have taken a position in favor of Rocío Jurado’s daughter, but there are others who have much warmer or directly opposite positions.

The maximum exponent of that current is Alessandro Lequio, who has charged hard against Carrasco on more than one occasion in recent weeks, which earned him a harsh response from the aforementioned.

Dog does not eat dog. In my opinion, it looks a lot like that being”Said Rocío, hinting that Ana Rosa’s collaborator could have some thorny episode in his past.

Well, this Thursday Lecquio got an unexpected defender, his program partner Patricia pardo, who criticized the words of Rocío Carrasco.

The fact of being a sick person does not give you the power or carte blanche to insult colleagues or for there to be this kind of general veto atmosphere or this hostile environment”, He lamented in‘ The Ana Rosa program ’.

Well, these statements did not sit well with Jorge Javier Vazquez, who was quick to respond harshly.

You are right Patricia. Rocío Carrasco should endure in silence, all the hosts that Alessandro Lequio gives her every morning. I mean, Rocío: quiet, you’re cuter”, He wrote on his twitter account.

By the way: the comma after ‘silence’ is left over. Like many opinions”The presenter of‘ Save me ’pointed out.