Yuri and Muniain are the preseason signings at Athletic

Athletic has suffered a good number of casualties in the final stretch of the season that ended last Saturday with the sad defeat against Elche at the Martínez Valero stadium (2-0). For this encounter, Marcelino could not count on Ander
Cap, Nolaskoain, Zarraga, Yuri
Berchiche Y Muniain due to injury, in addition to Raul
Garcia by penalty after being punished with two games for the expulsion of the previous day against Real Madrid.

The Portuguese side suffered a partial tear of the internal lateral ligament in the match against Atlético, while the Zumaia player and the Getxotarra midfielder were operated on last April, the first of his right ankle and the second of his right knee. It remains to be seen if these three players can start the 2021-22 preseason that will begin on July 7, after the lions have undergone the relevant medical examinations prior to starting work in the previous two days.

Those that do seem to be able to arrive fully recovered are Iker
Muniain Y Yuri
Berchiche. Both played their last match of the 2020-21 campaign in the Cup final against Barça. The one from Txantrea started, but had to leave the field at halftime due to a muscle injury. Already the day before he was seen limping when he got off the bus. For his part, the side of Zarautz replaced Balenziaga in the 67th minute of the match against the Catalans at La Cartuja, which ended 0-4 in the second major disappointment of the season.

Since then neither of them has played again. Marcelino was optimistic on Tuesday in Radio
Euskadi on the option of having them at full capacity on San Fermín’s day. “Logic says that they will be in full condition to start the preseason,” said the Asturian coach, who confirmed that the Gipuzkoan has been dragging pubic problems. Apparently, it has been decided to take a conservative treatment instead of going through the operating room as has happened on other occasions with this type of injury.

Important players

Muniain Y Yuri They have been two essential players throughout this campaign. The Navarrese is the seventh lion with the most minutes played throughout the course among all the competitions. He has a total of 2,473, 1,948 in the League, 334 in the Cup and 191 in the Super Cup, whose title he ended up lifting as team captain after beating Barça in the final with that goal by Williams in extra time that has already remained for posterity.

Berchiche the twelfth player of the team in minutes (2,136, 1,685 in the regularity tournament, 451 in the KO tournament and did not play the Super Cup). In any case, it has been a difficult season for Zaragoza, which has suffered the consequences of Covid-19 in the form of vertigo. Possibly all this will be forgotten when on July 7 he meets again with his colleagues in Lezama.