You have not lived up to

The eighth edition of ‘MasterChef’ He is leaving programs full of moments that will go down in the history of the contest. And not for good. Although we were surprised just a few weeks ago with the sudden expulsion of Sarai after presenting the most surreal dish in the history of the program, this Monday, the jury decided, for the first time, not to play down an expelled contestant and give an opportunity to one who he stayed at the doors of the kitchens of RTVE.

So although Sito, Adrienne, Mónica, Rosa, Saray, Fidel and Sonsoles They put all their effort into the entrees they cooked, none of them could return to the culinary talent. “None of the seven of you have tried as hard as it deserves”, announced Samantha Vallejo-Nágera moments before Jordi Cruz conveyed the verdict: “For the first time in the history of MasterChef, there will be no playoffs… You have not lived up to the demands we have made. We are not going to allow anyone to enter the kitchens just because it was the least bad … We do not give away white aprons “.

“We don’t give away white aprons”

After the tension experienced in the outdoor test, Michael, Alberto, Ana, Andy and Sara Lúa, members of the team that lost, they played their continuity in the program in a test whose objective was to reproduce a dessert created by Alejandra Rivas. On this occasion they had to work side by side with a possible candidate to enter, the five of those who stayed in the final stretch casting. The best would get a white apron to join the contest.

The couple formed by Sara Lúa and José Manuel failed to conquer the jury with its elaboration. “You have really wanted to, but I am amazed with the number of errors you have had. It is a lousy job ”Jordi Cruz pointed out during the tasting. So the contestant had to leave the ‘MasterChef’ kitchens. “I see it right, I expected it”she said tearfully upon hearing his name. Ana and Alberto they were able to go up to the gallery.

The Galician woman said goodbye to the jury and all her colleagues very excited: “I’m leaving sad, but I won’t fall. This is 10 minutes, it passes me ”. “Everything has a good thing and a bad thing. The good is everything I have learned. This is cool. I am taking wonderful people … I am going to continue studying, because for me this is my dream ”.

His expulsion also left the other applicants very sad, particularly Ivan, who when asked by Pepe stated: “I don’t like this … I am a rooster that cries”. Sara Lúa commented that she would like him, whom she defined as “A brilliant and precious person”, was the winner of ‘MasterChef 8’. “And if not, I hope my little one wins, that I love her, she shines alone and has a huge light”, he said then addressing Ana.

Carlos, the new contestant on ‘MasterChef 8’

Andy and Carlos they took the leading role in the elimination test. “One of the mysteries of the dessert was the sponge cake. It is airy and very well drunk. It’s delicious, good job ”Pepe Rodríguez pointed out. So, Carlos took the white apron and managed to fulfill his dream.