Yoli (‘GH’) and Jorge Moreno announce that they have been parents

We started the week knowing the news that Yoli, the former contestant of ‘Big Brother‘, Had gone into labor and had headed to the hospital with her partner Jorge Moreno. 24 hours later, the ‘inlfuencer’ shared the first photograph of the little girl on social media.

Jimena”, The young woman limited herself to writing along with a snapshot she published through‘ Instagram Stories ’in which she appears holding the little hand of the newborn.

“We go to the hospital full of illusion, emotion, pain, happiness, nerves … A mixture of feelings difficult to explain. We just hope that everything goes well and that in a few hours we will have our healthy girl in our arms. Wish us luck, family, “he wrote Yoli before leaving for the hospital.

For its part, Jorge Moreno He also wanted to share this special moment through his own profile on the same social network. “Welcome to the world, Jimena,” he transmitted.