Ylenia Padilla reveals the reasons why she disappeared from television

Fans of Ylenia padilla They had been very worried about the gathering for weeks. And it is that the ‘former great sister’, a collaborator of Mediaset programs such as ‘Save me‘ Y ‘Live life‘, He had moved away from the spotlight for a while without giving signs or any kind of explanation. It was not until a few days ago that the young woman reappeared to tell that I had a new work project and this Monday she finally made her debut as a collaborator of the program ‘Yu don’t miss a thing‘, presented by Ana Morgade in Europe FM.

In her debut as a radio collaborator, Ylenia Padilla returned in her purest form. “Holi friends, we are here with this super great team. We have many surprises for you, do not miss it“Said the young woman, visibly excited about her consulting room. And it is that in the section they have created for the former Telecinco collaborator, she will have to give advice to the listeners.

Ylenia Padilla in her new job, at Vodafone yu.

Ylenia Padilla explains the reason for her absence: “Sometimes there are things that saturate me and I need to reset”

During his first speech on the radio, Padilla decided to tell something that when he announced his return to the microphones he did not say: the reason why he has been absent for so long. “Right now I am a bit removed from reality, I live in my microworld because sometimes there are things that saturate me and I need to reset”, Explained the young woman.

Thus, television revealed that it took time to disconnect and relax before returning stronger than ever. In fact, it is not the first time that Padilla has disappeared from the media for a while. “I disappear and appear”, He recognized this week in his new job. Belén Esteban’s friend needs to stop from time to time if she feels like it. On this occasion, she returns especially happy. “People ask me for advice all the time”, She assured, very excited about her new office.