Yiya talks about the hardest stage of her life: “It was a great self-destruction”

The former ‘Survivors’ contestant, Yiya, He has granted an interview to the magazine ct Lecturas ’in which he has confessed that during his time on the popular‘ reality ’he has opened“ doors that he would never have wanted ”.

“It has been distressing. Having so much time is horrible, you come to very dramatic conclusions. It makes you open doors that you never would have wanted, and that you don’t even know torment you, ”he started.

Yiya was expelled by the published ‘Survivors’.

Yiya He explained that “in that solitude, I gave him a name and assumed that I had anorexia from 12 to 18 years old, he controlled everything, I lived through very ugly things.” “It started with a comment, I wasn’t even fat, I’m more of a pain now. An uncle of mine touched my leg. He said ues thick ’. That Christmas I lost 8 kilos, “he confessed.

The woman from Extremadura declared that “she served me food and when my mother went to the kitchen, she returned it to the source.” “I would stain the plate, if I had food in my mouth I would pretend to cough and clean my mouth and throw the food that I had. They thought it was silly of the age. It was never nonsense. It was mentally inhumane, a great self-destruction “, he sentenced Yiya.

Yiya chatting with Ana María Aldón in 'Survivientes'.
Yiya chatting with Ana María Aldón in ‘Survivientes’.