‘Yes, there was an offer of 85 million for Giménez’


Atlético de Madrid
he is clear that he will not negotiate the departure of the players he considers key. And among them is José María Giménez, one of the captains of the rojiblanco team and a key piece in the center of the defense.

In fact, in recent weeks he said no to one of the most important offers of the last decade for one of his footballers. For the Uruguayan of course. This was confirmed by the president of the Atlético de Madrid, Enrique Cerezo, in ‘The Transistor‘ of Zero Wave.

The president acknowledged that the Manchester City offered 85 million euros for Jose Maria GimenezAn offer that was rejected despite the fact that it would have been the solution to the team’s problems to strengthen itself in this market.

“Was there an offer from City 85 million for Giménez? “ José Ramón de la Morena, host of the aforementioned program. “Yes Yes. What happens is that Gimenez He is a great player and we want to always have magnificent players in the team, ”the president said without a hint of doubt.

The Uruguayan showed in the last part of the season that he is still a pillar. After an initial course in which he lost ownership and had many problems, he ended up being the center-back most used by Simeone after the stoppage due to coronavirus. Now the player recovers from a positive for Covid19 and will not be able to be in the premiere before the Pomegranate