‘Yes, I went to train with Madrid last week and I returned to make a strong entrance to Hazard’

November 26, 2019 was a bitter day in the race of Hazard. That day, Real Madrid were playing against PSG in the Champions League and the Belgian left injured in the ankle and there began his nightmare of injuries that have prevented him from playing normally at Real Madrid.

Meunier, companion Hazard In the Belgian national team, he was the one who made that entry and answered with irony when they asked him about that play and that he was pointed out as the person responsible for Hazard continuing without finishing recovering. The now Borussia player received a lot of criticism on social networks for that action, but in statements to RTBF he denied that this had anything to do with his disappearance on social networks. “Yes, that’s it, I went to train with Madrid last week and I made a great entrance to Hazard again,” he said. Meunier.

The player He explained that “I was actually losing focus. I sit on the locker room bench, I pick up my phone, I answer a message, I do it for a minute but actually when you look at it, you’ve been on it for 20 minutes. So I stopped following people. I am no longer a person as well, I have no images in my newsfeed. So now when I go to Instagram or Twitter, I have nothing to do with it, so I last 30 seconds and keep it in my locker. It was really just because of the professionalism, “Meunier said, adding that” I was spending too much time on social media. Insta, Twitter, was on it all the time, to stay on top of everything. It was actually counterproductive. Even in training, I would pick up my phone at my workplace to watch and I said to myself, there you are exaggerating … ”.