Yannick Carrasco puts himself to a hundred when approaching the goal

Yannick Carrasco It was one of the most gratifying news of the win that the
Atlético de Madrid
signed before him Eibar. The Belgian was key for the mattresses. One goal and two assists, nothing less for him in the match against the gunsmiths box.

For the second consecutive game he scored. He had already done it in the game against him Real Betis, in the previous day. For the first time all season he scored in two consecutive games. A circumstance that is not accidental. Relegated to having to be a winger in the 5-3-2 system, it is clear that the closer he gets to the rival goal, the closer he is to being decisive.

He has shown it in these last two games, more advanced in his position on account of the absence of Luis Suarez. The Belgian has responded in the best of ways, with two great games. A question that reopens the debate regarding drawing. Better with this 4-4-2 that left the biggest win of the season?

The fact is that for him, the match against him Eibar it was not one more. According to data from Pedro Martin, on the Cope Chain, the triumph signed by the Athletic It was number 100 for him since he saw the rojiblanca, with a balance of 44 wins, 24 losses and 32 draws.

Interestingly, the data indicate that the Eibar It is the second team that the Belgian has beaten the most times, six times. He has only won more times against him grenade Y Valencia, seven against each.

And it is not only because the Belgian scored himself, but of the five goals he gave another two. It was a dagger from the left side, with incursions that ended with centers to the heart of the area where strap Y Llorente they scored.

For him there are already seven assists this season, the most since he arrived at the club. To date, his record in this regard had been 17/18, in which he gave six goals to his teammates.