Xavier Sardà stands next to Rocío Carrasco: ‘I have no doubt’

We have been in shock for almost a week since Rocío Carrasco opened the channel to tell what has been silent for many years and that few knew. ‘Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive’ is not only making a dent in the Flores family, but there are many well-known faces, collaborators and detractors of Rocío Carrasco who have swallowed his words and They have rectified after hearing the heartbreaking testimony.

Now he is the journalist and presenter Xavier Sardà the one who has not hesitated to comment on the subject and position yourself very convinced in favor of the protagonist. We remember that Sardà coincided with Antonio David Flores in the popular Telecinco program ‘Martian Chronicles’ and that, in addition, it coincided with the marriage and its break with Rocío Carrasco.

Rocio Carrasco with Antonio David.

“I have no doubt”

In this way so forceful has been pronounced in the microphones of RAC1. “I have no doubt that Antonio David tried fatally and he psychologically abused and I do not know if physically Rocío Carrasco, very sure ”, he assures without hesitation. In addition, he wanted to point out that in his opinion it does not influence the fact that there is no firm judicial sentence: “In the judicial processes, and this is a bit frightening what I am going to say, that it has not been possible to prove it does not mean that it is not have produced ”.

Their relationship in ‘Martian Chronicles’

From his time on the program he was conducting, Sardà highlights from ‘Antonioda’ that “we had a very good deal”. They were amused to come, it was a young couple whose mother could not stand her son-in-law ”, he continues and later adds: “Rocío Jurado couldn’t bear it.”