Xabi Alonso: ‘The 5-0 at Camp Nou was my worst night. At 20 minutes I confess that I wanted to leave ‘

Xabi Alonso has reviewed his career on his former partner’s podcast Carragher.

His worst night

“The league game at the Camp Nou that we lost 5-0, that was the worst night I have lived on a football field. Twenty minutes into the game I confess that I wanted to leave, go home now, take a shower and come back. It was so painful that it gave us great determination. We could not be as naive again or we would not have beaten them the season “

The comeback with Liverpool in the final against Milan

“I was mad at myself thinking that we couldn’t so easily throw away such a beautiful opportunity. I was a little embarrassed with what we were doing. More than thinking about others it was painful for how I felt. Afterwards, Rafa Benítez spoke to us and made some changes. I thought, ‘Let’s see how this works. Hearing the boos from the fans was important because they didn’t want to kill us, but we thought we would try to give them something to believe in, try to have some hope. “

Train in the elite

“I don’t want it to come too soon. I’m still young. I want to take steps and develop knowledge of the game, make mistakes and learn to correct them ”,

Five Ideal Players

“The goalkeeper is Manuel Neuer. For me, he is the best I have seen and the best I have played with. Bouquets He’s been my teammate for years and on the national team. He has won everything, he has records with Spain, four Champions League, the World Cup, two European Cups … Gerrard He did not play, he danced on the court. He was very graceful in all his movements. I have admired him ever since and, apart from that, he has done everything in football and I love the way he plays. Maradona He is an icon, the greatest I do not know, but he is more than a footballer. Like Muhammad Ali in boxing, Maradona is that in football. I was very young and Ronaldo Nazario It had a great impact on me when I watched soccer when I was 16 or 17 years old. I loved seeing it. Later, I was closer to players as good as him, probably Cristiano or Messi, but for me he is someone who is always on my mind ”.