Wyoming’s reaction to the signing of Toni Cantó for the PP: ‘Have you been excited about politics again?’

A little over a week ago Toni Cantó announced that he was leaving Ciudadanos and in turn politics after the political earthquake of censure motions and even assured that he intended to dedicate himself to acting, his true profession. Well, this Wednesday it has transpired that Cantó returns to politics at the hands of the Popular Party and that he will be part of the lists of Isabel Díaz Ayuso for the next Madrid elections on March 4.

Faced with this political upheaval, the popular presenter of ‘El intermedio’, Greater Wyoming, has reacted surprised upon hearing the news. “Only nine days ago he left it … he said he was leaving politics … well If you have so little willpower to quit politics, I don’t even want to imagine if you have to quit smoking“He had humor.

El Gran Wyoming and Dani Mateo before starting ‘El Intermedio’.

In his speech, Wyoming asked a question wryly. : “Can we confirm this information? Or now that 30 seconds have passed, Cantó has left the Popular Party and has signed for the other remaining center party, Vox.”

“Without a doubt it has been quite a surprise, even for Toni Cantó himself. One of two, or politics has excited him again … Or is it that one of those two offers was a starring role in a ‘remake’, “Wyoming ended in ‘The Intermission’.