Write: ‘This victory is a boost for what we have left’

The coach ofl Elche Fran Escribá He assured that the victory against Levante (1-0) represents an impetus for his team to face the demanding schedule that remains with options to achieve permanence.

“I am happy, although This victory makes Wednesday’s draw against Valladolid hurt a little more”, Said the Valencian, who indicated that the match against Levante went as expected.

“They have a lot of offensive power and it was very important to have a clean sheet. We knew that we could take advantage of some against or a mistake, “explained the coach, who regretted that Elche, despite having chances, did not know how to close the score with a second goal.

Escribá described as “extraordinary” the match of his forward Lucas Boyé, since he recalled that the work he always does was joined by the goal “so it was decisive.”

The Elche coach appreciated the locker room’s ability to react to the “blow” suffered against Valladolid. “The group has responded mentally, because If there was a moment to fall, it was this”, He added.

The Valencian reiterated that the Elche team “is not dead“And specified that, despite the victory, nothing has been done either” because there is a world left. “

“I think we will have options to add against Atlético, Although they are much better than us, which they are. And also before the Real ”, Scribe noted, who admitted to having lived the last minutes of the game with “psychosis” that the tie would arrive before the tightness of the scoreboard.