Write: ‘Success gives us confidence in what we are doing’

The coach of the Elche, Fran Escribá, assured that the victory against Sevilla (2-1) will give his team confidence in the work he has done since his arrival on the bench four days ago.

“We have played an excellent game from minute one. At half-time I already told the players that there was little to correct because I saw the team superior ”, commented the Valencian coach.

The coach admitted some suffering at the end of the game, although he indicated that it was something “normal” for the entity of the Sevilla players.

“We had to suffer, but the victory is well deserved,” wrote Escribá., who indicated that the victory will allow Elche “to go to work tomorrow with more joy, but nothing more.”

ANDscribá described the triumph as “important, as was also the one from Eibar “, although he added that they still have”many more steps to take towards the goal “ and praised his players “for the complete game they have played.”

“I think that from order we are stronger. In an open game we have much fewer options, “explained the coach, who despite the difficult schedule that awaits him said that his team will be “Close to scoring points if he gives everything like he did today.”

The Elche coach He pointed out that Sevilla’s goal hurt him – “We did not deserve those five minutes of suffering” – and highlighted the performance of forward Guido Carrillo, who scored the second goal.

“If you have to score from zero to three, you should give it a four. He played a huge, exceptional game, “he said.