Write: ‘Losing like this leaves your body very bad’

The technician of the Elche, Fran Escribá, acknowledged that the defeat before him Atlético de Madrid (0-1) meant a great disappointment especially because of the way it was produced, since his team had the option of achieving the tie in the last minute with a penalty.

However, the Valencian coach assured that the Athletic he was better “to the points” and made “more merits” to achieve victory, “although this does not always work like that”.

“If we had played as in the first half, the penalty would not have mattered. We were very inferior. Going 0-1 at halftime was a gift “, commented the coach, who indicated that in the second half” we improved a lot because it was not difficult to improve. “

“It’s a shame to stay like this, but I think it would have hurt us more to have continued completing a horrible game and lose 0-4, which was the most logical thing to have followed the line of the first half,” he argued.

Scribe assured that Fidel he is going to have “a bad night” and asked to “give him his space” after having missed the penalty. “He gives us many things and we have to encourage him,” he commented on the Huelva footballer.

The technician of the Elche he acknowledged that after the first half he could have changed “the eleven players and the coach” and stressed that, despite everything, his team “did not surrender, believed and had the option of a draw.”

“It was the worst first part since I arrived, although you also have to give credit to them, they are very good. The second part is closer to what the team is. They have been better, but we have been close to scoring, ”said the Valencian.

“There are twelve points left and if we are able to compete the same as in the second half we will get enough points,” he concluded.