Write: ‘In Seville we have an opportunity to add that others do not have’

The Elche coach, Fran Scribe, showed this Tuesday his trust in achieving a positive result in your visit to Seville of this Wednesday in the postponed match of the second day as he recalled that his team is presented with an opportunity to improve their score that rivals do not have.

“We do not face the game thinking that we will not lower any position, but with the intention to add, go up from where we are and overtake someone, “explained the coach, who said that his team will not speculate on the schedule.

“We only think of Sevilla and the best eleven possible to win. We do not reserve anyone. My idea is to compete tomorrow and then we will think about him Getafe whatever happens ”. The Valencian added, who admitted that the good image offered against Madrid, despite the defeat, “serves to know that we are in the path

Escribá did not share the argument that his team has overcome the Tourmalet, or the most complicated section of the competition, since he indicated that it is so wrong to give some games for lost beforehand as to think that others may be easier.

The Tourmalet is 38 days. This is uphill until the last day. Only when we reach the top will we go downhill to vacation, “he argued.

The Valencian predicted a matched match against Sevilla, similar to the one that both teams recently played, and downplayed the opponent’s absences by pointing out that “if an international is missing, another international will come out.”

“There may be some reference compared to the other day, but we are two recognizable teams. Sevilla has been competing very well for two years and is a physical team with an arrival ”, explained the coach, who pointed out that the game will depend on the“ successes ”.

“We have to be concentrates for 90 minutes because it will be very demanding. Our idea is to win ”, reiterated the coach, who was prepared for an even end of the competition until the last day.

“90% of the teams get their last minute goals“Said Escribá, who recognized the importance of adding at home” because at home we are not going to win everything. “

“If there is any advantage to play without an audience is that it is less noticeable to be a visitor. Sánchez Pizjuán is one of those fields in which people press and that evens things out somewhat ”, he specified.

Fran Escribá affirmed that he does not see his team “tired or in need of rotations“And praised his players again, whom he sees” devoted to the profession and the shield. “

Finally, the coach referred to the youth Javier Villar, Gonzalo’s brother, Roma player called up for the U21 national team, who has worked in several sessions with the first team.

“Is a clone of his brother. It has good conditions and some even better than its brother. And we have already seen which footballer Gonzalo is ”, he concluded.