Write: ‘From now on the points become more important’

The coach of the Elche, Fran Escribá, affirmed this Thursday that at this stage of the season the points at stake are of greater importance because they help the teams to achieve their respective objectives, which in the case of their team will take place from this Sunday’s clash against the Real Betis.

“It is rare to reach these heights with the objectives fulfilled“Said the Valencian coach, who predicted a” difficult “match at Martínez Valero and against a rival” who arrives well and who plays a lot of things. “

Write assured that the break has been good for him “To work with the team” and said that Elche also comes to the game well. “I think we have improved, although we do not have all the points that we would like. The team has been reliable at home”, Added the coach, who does not see in the remaining ten days of the calendar“ any comfortable game ”neither for Elche, nor for their rivals.

“You have to prepare for matches that last almost a hundred minutes and in those that at any moment something can happen ”, explained the coach, who was very satisfied with the performance offered by the players who had played the least minutes in the squad.

“The best that can happen is that those who have minutes take advantage of them. It was something that I knew was going to happen, because I see them very well, “he said. Escribá, who pointed out that the key to beat Betis It will be in not letting the Sevillian team set the pace of the game.

“It is a team that associates very well and that grows with the ball. There will be moments when, because of the players they have, they dominate us, but we cannot lose sight of the goal, ”explained the coach, who ruled out setting up the game on the backlash because it is not his team’s style.

Against a team like Betis, which tends to score goals, it is essential to look at the opposite goal”, Reiterated the Elche coach, who made a positive balance since his arrival, although he specified in reference to the permanence that everything that has been done will be worth nothing if in the end they do not finish it properly.