World Rugby opens the polls in full confinement

The opening this Monday of the telematic voting period converts the international rugby federation, World rugby by its official name, in the first world sports body to hold presidential elections during the interruption of global competitive activity due to the coronavirus.

The vote, for whose integrity the audit ensures PricewaterhouseCoopers, you will see the results published on the day May 12, scheduled date for a federative assembly, also online.

The candidates for the presidency are the British Bill Beaumont, who has held the post for four years, and the Argentine Agustin Pichot, current vice president and former captain of the Pumas.

They are at stake 51 votes, according to a weighted system. The member associations of World Rugby are divided into levels and those of the former have three votes: they are New Zealand, South Africa, England, Wales, Ireland, Australia, France, Argentina, Scotland and Italy.

Each of the six regional associations has two votes – Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, North-Central and South America -, Japan from two others and Canada, the United States, Uruguay, Georgia, Romania, Samoa and Fiji from one .

According to the positions expressed by the different federations, Beaumont starts as a favorite for re-election, although the newspaper ‘Daily Mail’ indicated that the Six Nations bloc had split and that Wales and Ireland could vote for Pichot.

The confederations of Asia and South America support Pichot and the European ones to the current president, so the votes of Japan and Africa will be decisive.

Pichot It tries to unseat the current leader with a program based on the globalization of sport and on greater equality of all federations, against the greater weight of the European ones in the international rugby concert.

The Olympic movement must be, according to him, the vehicle for the dissemination of rugby, a sport that has been in the Games since the Rio 2016 edition in its version of rugby seven.

Along with the president, seven seats on the Executive Committee of the international federation are also elected by telematic vote. There are seven candidates, so all are guaranteed the election, after the withdrawal by the Fiji federation of its candidate Ratu Vilikesa Bulewa Francis Kean.

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