World champions aboard the ‘Rascal Tenaz’

Two world champion brothers participate in the 47 Conde de Godó Sailing Trophy this weekend in Barcelona. They are Silvia and Luis Mas, who compete together in the ‘Rascal Tenaz’, a J70, and they do it to the rhythm of Dembow, the new single from Luis who is a singer. They come from a family dedicated to sailing, their parents, David and Silvia, coaches, and his brothers (there are 5 in total) have all practiced this sport successfully. Now Silvia and Luis They compete together for the second time and the first time in 2016, they won the Catalunya Championship.

History of the brothers Silvia and Luis Mas

Silvia Mas, at 23 years old, she is the youngest patron of the world ten top ten ’and to the“ pride ”of her little brother, she is classified for the next Tokyo Olympics and with medal options in Class 470 along with Patricia Cantero. Luis, who is still linked to the world of sailing, is now opting more for the show and the singer has released a new single ‘Dembow’. The young man, who tried his luck in OT, has taken advantage of confinement to create new themes. “’ Dembow ’is a dance, party, summer theme. With this theme a new door opens, it is a change from last year’s album. This I want to be my style ”.

One of the men that Luis Mas has as an example is “Luis Martínez Doreste, which combines concerts with regattas. I’ve been keeping track of him since I was little. In fact, he was the first one to take me on stage to sing when I was 9 or 10 years old. In addition, in the Conde de Godó Trophy he will compete against us with a J70 too ”. Luis, who has already prepared the following topic, would love to “collaborate with Juan Magan and, although it sounds strange, one of the reference singers, although he doesn’t sing boleros, is Luis Miguel ”.