Wolff believes the 2022 rule change will bring more inequality to F1

The 2021 F1 season it is being very even. At last it seems that the fight for the title is going to be exciting between Mercedes and Red BullWhile in the middle of the table, the differences between the leader of the middle zone and his pursuers are minimal and the positions vary depending on the characteristics of each track. This creates greater uncertainty in very tight qualifications and races, of fierce fights in which the drivers, with their hands and their race management, and the teams with their strategies, can make real differences. All this, after many years of a hybrid era that began in 2014 and that has always had Mercedes light years ahead of the rest in the first position, winning everything. This resulted in Liberty Media, with its acquisition of the competition, devised a new regulation that should enter this year and that, due to the coronavirus, will be finally applied in 2022, which wants to completely change the current competition to increase equality and fighting on the track. Now, a year earlier, Mercedes, the dominating team in recent years, warns that, after what was seen at this start of the championship, what this 2022 revolution can really do is a counterproductive effect, which is to end equality what is seen in the F1 in this 2021.

“We have always said it and it is quite a logical thing: if the rules are maintained, the group in the long run always tends to equalize”, he commented Toto Wolff, Mercedes boss, in statements published by the portal ‘F1i.com’. In this he is right, and that is that the more years the same regulations are maintained, the more difficult it is for the winning team to improve, and the easier it is that over the years the rest of the teams continue to progress until they get closer to or themselves level.

“For those who are in front, the differences continue to be reduced and the teams that are behind will continue to grow and then there will be equality,” added the Austrian in relation to the situation that would occur if the current regulations were maintained for more courses.

Thus, for Wolff, the entry of the new 2022 rules will only break the progress of all teams towards equality. According to his words, a new regulation would leave as a result the team that has the key as a clear dominator, and the rest of the groups behind, further away than at present.

“I promise you that next year we will have a situation with a very divided and uneven grid. Maybe then Mercedes will no longer be at the helm, but we will return to the situation we had previously, “he commented.

Wolff’s critiques, expected

May be right Toto wolff, but in turn, It should not be forgotten that it is normal for the Austrian to show himself against these regulations, since the privileged position of his team, Mercedes, is in danger with the entry of a rule revolution that you can re-deal the cards from the deck on the grid.

It is logical then that Wolff is critical, but in his speech it is not emphasized that the future regulation of 2022 is based on a total change in the aerodynamics of the cars that will allow the races to change completely, making that the cars can be chased in curves and fight more face to face than they can do today.

This will generate more excitement on the track, but for these fights to be passionate, a mechanical equality is necessary that could start if no one stands out from the rest with its 2022 concept car. That is the great desire of Liberty Media, for the which has limited many of the parts of the car, stating exactly their measurements and leaving less space for engineers to make a difference with their ideas. If someone stands out with some unexpected innovation, Wolff will be right and the differences may increase, but with a car in which the engineers will have less capacity to innovate, the so-called equality could come soon as the years go by. Only your application will show whether Wolff is right, partially, or totally right.