‘Without knowing the result, it would affect the same idea’

If the tie against him Manchester
United will start tomorrow for the Real, Imanol “Without knowing the result, it would affect the same idea” with which they played in Turin although it would make the players see “where the risks are, that we knew them”. The Real coach, 24 hours before returning to visit the English club, has once again defended Real’s idea of ​​the game because “it is what has led us to compete with the big boys, to be in Europe and to compete this tie, knowing its potential ”. Sheriff understands that “by doing things better we could have avoided their chances and be closer to them, although perhaps not to winning” and has also launched another message with depth. “Other teams in the Spanish league, playing differently, doing something else, have not won against these clubs”, Has indicated in reference, for example, to Atlético de Madrid.

Imanol He has taken on the Turin debacle in the first person since “when he loses it is because I was not right” and he faces tomorrow’s game, as well as with the aim of “washing the image and competing”, hoping to have learned something from 0-4. “We did a lot of things well but for very few minutes and we also did a lot of things wrong that are easy to correct. I have made the players see that ”, said the coach txuri urdin who understands that if they solve those nuances,“ we will have already taken a step and we will be closer to taking the leap that I spoke about before the first leg ”.

Imanol assumes that the Manhcester
United he is “above us” because “technically they are just as good as us and physically they are very powerful” but he understands that the difference is not what was seen in the Juventus
Stadium. “From minute 30 to 45 I felt that we had options to tie and until the second goal, too,” explained the realistic coach who has invited to analyze the second goal of the United. “It is an attack play well carried out by us, which ends in one against one of Isak that, by not making the shot well, it becomes their second goal due to our mistakes in the surveillance, in the transition. That 0-2 did us a lot of damage, “said a Imanol sure that “this team trained to compete and give another image. We will try to win the game, wash the image and that what happened in Turin will be good for us in the future ”.

What the one does not expect Orio he is a relaxed version of his opponent. “For him Manchester all parties are vital. I have no doubts about what his coach is thinking, if he can beat us by a landslide, he will ”, commented a Imanol who has had no problem admitting that, analyzing the tie in a rational way, “there are no options” to come back. “Because of the potential ahead and because I don’t know if there will have been a team that has come back from 0-4 and is also the best Manchester of the last ten years as recognized by himself Solskajer”.

And it is that the coach txuri urdin has insisted on the idea that “we have faced one of the best teams in the world at a great time” and that, today, “at the level of players, staff and for what we are, we cannot compare ourselves with him Manchester. It is a huge leap. In Old
Trafford we had a goalkeeper on the bench who has not even played in Second B, 14 youth players, 14 from Gipuzkoa ”. Later, Imanol, has admitted that it is possible to analyze and debate whether the Real was “very brave, very daring. We tried not to lose our personality and that led us to lose 4-0, which for me was excessive ”, said the coach who now faces the following question. “Do we change the way we play or do we continue to try to correct what we did wrong?” All this “knowing that it is very difficult today to compete with Manchester because of the potential it has.”