Will Smith surprises by confessing his political aspirations

Will Smith He has surprised this week with a confession that has not left anyone indifferent. It happened this Monday during a talk with the actor and director Jon favreau, in which the interpreter stated that “at some point” might consider making the leap into politics.

Specifically, the actor of ‘Men in Black‘And a four-time Grammy winner was on the podcast’Pod Save America‘, Presented by Favreau, Jon lovett, Dan Pfeiffer Y Tommy vietor, to present his series ‘Amend: The Fight for America‘. It is a documentary that explores the struggle for civil rights in the United States in light of the fourteenth amendment, ratified on July 9, 1868 and which declared equality among citizens after the Civil War.

During the interview, Smith therefore spoke about this new project, as well as the racism in the United States and the impact the Black Lives Matter movement has had. But the interviewers also wanted to know his point of view on the possibility of joining politics. “It is clear that I will do my part, either in an artistic way as before or, at some point, throwing myself on the political stage“Said the actor in this regard, a few words that have not left anyone indifferent.

Will Smith: “I’m going to do my part, either artistically or, at some point, throwing myself onto the political stage”

In the aforementioned program, the American interpreter also spoke about his own experience with racism. “I grew up with the impression that racists and racism were stupid, and they were easy to get around. He just had to get smarter now that they were so dangerous. I had never looked a racist in the eye and had seen something perceived as intellect, “said Smith, who revealed that he also saw more racism when he began his acting career, where he noted”a difference between ignorance and evil”.

Fortunately, ignorance prevails more than blatant evil”Explained Smith, who relies on the education to make things better. “He has always encouraged me that the process of education and understanding can alleviate some of the most dangerous and difficult aspects of racism that unfortunately have become embedded in the very fibers of our country,” said the interpreter, who also assured feeling “optimistic and hopeful ”with the consequences of Black Lives Matter. “I believe in understanding between people. I believe in the possibility of harmony”, He declared.