Will Sergio Ramos end up renewing with Real Madrid?

At 35 years old and with a discount market due to the economic hardships caused by the coronavirus, it is difficult to Sergio Ramos find another project other than the one Real Madrid that combines a good token and at the same time be interesting sportingly. Despite the 10% salary cut that the white club will carry out, the center-back would still be around 11 million euros per year, something that perhaps could be exceeded in an exotic destination but with little competitive incentive. To the Madrid, who maintains his policy of renewing year after year from his thirties, is also interested in his captain continuing despite the fact that that money would go well for him to undertake rejuvenating operations. Bouquets he continues to be key for his leadership and his goals in delicate moments.

At 35 years old today, March 30, by the way, many congratulations, Sergio Ramos he knows that he is closer to retirement than to continue at the highest level, no matter how much he says he wants to play until 40. Therefore, the center-back is looking for his last great contract and that is not the one offered by the Real Madrid, one year and a reduction of 10% of his salary. Sergio Ramos no longer repeats that of wanting to retire at Real Madrid, much less that he would play for free at the white club. In addition, if he has not yet renewed, it is that he is not very much for the work of continuing at Real Madrid. With this panorama, everything indicates that Sergio Ramos He will end up leaving the white club of which he is a legend, but in football and more so in Real Madrid, legends are only so when they retire. And if not, you just have to look at what happened to Say Stefano, the great white legend that looked like part of the shield, but that went through the back door. He came back in style, yes, but when he retired, not as a player.