Will Fernando Alonso return to fight to win an F1 World Cup?

The challenge you face F
ernando Alonso next to Renault It is very difficult. It depends on many factors, that an entire team completely changes the chip, that it hits the key in all its actions and manages to create a car in 2022 that is competitive and reliable. It seems complex on the basis that some of the dominators, rarely make mistakes except for a Ferrari which should improve a lot. But it is clear that in the past, the objective is more feasible than the challenge that Alonso once attempted with a McLaren who intended to return to the top against tremendously established teams like Mercedes, with no major regulation changes in sight and with a new engine like the Sling.

Seen this way, this plan is much better, especially since any major change in F1 regulations can lead to a new deal of cards on the grid. And there, ‘Magic’ He wants to get hold of one of the best “hands” in the game. It all depends on Renault, that they hit the key with the 2022 car. In favor of Alonso and the rhombus firm, that pressure and demands be removed for 2021 seems a good sign to make it very clear that their main mission It will be to focus their efforts on the car of 2022 to be able to fight for everything again.

Another point in favor of Fernando is that in F1 in 2022, the driver will be important again. In this scenario, with the driver at the center of a more exciting and equal F1, having Fernando’s hands and talent will give Renault an extra only comparable to that of Hamilton with Mercedes. And if Renault hits the car, I have no doubt that ‘Nano’ He will do his part on the asphalt and will not disappoint.

We know it is very complicated. Very, very difficult. But if Fernando Alonso believes so blindly in the Renault project, we must give him credit. They have two years to create the right car, financial independence from their parent, confirmed support to continue the F1 project, a team of hungry people, important men like Marcin Budkowski and I really want to. However, we will never know if all this will be enough. Everyone has the same goal for 2022, but few have Fernando Alonso’s class and his desire to work as a team.

“There is time to work on this project and to build the momentum we need. We will build something together, in what we believe in. I am calm because everything I am looking for I have in Renault ”. Let them work. What is clear is that if Fernando has the car to win, he can do magic. And if not, I am sure that wherever he touches on the asphalt, it will leave us spectacular movements and incredible demonstrations of the racer that he is.

“I will try to do my best. I have a mission that is to try to make this team world champion again. If it is perfect with me, and if it is in the future with some young pilot, I will feel proud of it ”. Alonso is clear.

Go ahead I’m one of those who thinks that the return of Fernando Alonso to Formula 1 It is great news for everyone, now, I can hardly imagine the great Asturian driver fighting again for victory in an F1 race. Not because of his indisputable class as a pilot, nor because of his desire to win again. It is more because of the great difficulties that they will present to Renault teams as perfect as Mercedes or Red Bull (I do not include Ferrari for the many mistakes they have made in recent years).

It is true that in almost all seasons in which the ovetense has driven a car of the brand of the rhombus he has won some race –7 in 2005, 7th in 2006 and 2 in 2008–, but Alonso does not step on the highest step of the podium from the 2013 Spanish Grand Prix with Ferrari, in its penultimate year with ‘The Scuderia’ before the disastrous adventure with McLaren, in which he obtained as best result four fifth positions in 4 years and no more and no less than 24 withdrawals.

That after 2021 contactor ‘El Nano’ can lead to Renault To the privileged positions, it is probable, but from there to being a regular in the fight for podiums in most of the races it seems very complicated, even if in 2022 we are going to enjoy a more open Formula 1 with a regulatory change that aspires to greater equality between the cars that have best adapted to the new regulations.

And I’m not saying it because of age, in 2022 you will be 40 years old, but because I haven’t believed in miracles for a long time. Will they be able to cut the more than 17 seconds of disadvantage that Renault obtained Stephen Ocon this past weekend in Austria regarding the winner Valtteri Bottas? It is true that the cars will change a lot in 2022, but what will not change will be the engineers who have both teams.

Mercedes It is made up of the best and has the most successful structure in all its procedures. And beware, the budget ceiling that will come into force as of 2021, despite being a great step that should make things more equal between adults and children, has a small ‘trap’: It does not include the salary of the 3 engineers who charge the most in the team. Therefore, the greatest will continue to have the best thinking heads, and that in F1 is worth even more than the money itself.

Renault has almost two full seasons to create a competitive car that allows Alonso to fight for the world. But Mercedes and the rest of the sets too. Alonso may be ‘Magic’, but not the miracle man.