Wilian José, another striker for Atlético’s agenda

Willian Jose He is the last player to join the list of strikers who appear on the agenda of the sports management of the Atlético de Madrid to reinforce the attack in this winter market. So he assures Sky Sports, who has given the name of the soccer player of the Real society.

However, the player’s environment denies it and Real Sociedad has no intention of parting with the Brazilian unless the offer is substantial. And the plans of the Athletic At the moment, since the idea they handle in the noble area of ​​the Metropolitan is to obtain a signing for a reasonable price, being the transfer formula with the option to buy the one that the mattress makers want, something that they do not contemplate in San Sebastián for the moment.

Milik He’s the club’s favorite, but the Naples He is not going to give the Pole a gift, no matter how much the contract ends in June, when he would leave without leaving a single euro in the entity’s coffers, and no matter how much the president By Laurentiis take the decision not to register him for the competitions due to his refusal to extend the contract.

Maxi gomez from Valencia or Loren, from Betis, are other names that appear on the sports management agenda.