Wiegman: ‘I will not interfere with Neville’s work’

Wiegman, who recently signed a contract making her coach of the England women’s soccer team starting in the summer of 2021, has said that she will closely monitor the progress of the English players over the next year but will not interfere in the work of the current coach Phil

Wiegman, currently on the Netherlands bench but already hinted to be signing with England, will succeed Neville as England’s women’s head coach starting next year after signing a four-year commitment. Neville’s contract ends in July 2021.

“Phil has responsibility for his team for the next 12 months. I will respect it. I will get some information, but I will be in the background, “said Wiegman, whose first major tournament with the Lionesses will be the UEFA European Women’s Championship in July 2022.” The last thing I would like to do is interfere with your work, but, of course, I will follow him closely because I will enter 2021. I have the responsibility of the Dutch team and that is my main objective ”.

Wiegman (50) will be in charge of the Netherlands at next year’s Tokyo Olympics and says he will not feel any conflict of interest if he faces England during the tournament. “I am in charge of the Netherlands and I would do everything possible to win that game with my team. That’s sport, it’s part of it, ”he said.