‘Why not another Basque final in the Super Cup, it would be something very nice’

Athletic and Real have yet to play the Cup final last season. Both clubs, in any case, will take part from tomorrow in the semi-finals of the Super Cup. Iñigo Martínez, central of the rojiblanco team with a past txuri urdin, does not rule out another Basque final in the tournament to be played from tomorrow until Sunday in Andalusia

“A final is very important in the face of everything and why not another Basque final in the Super Cup. La Real beating Barça and we beat Madrid. It would be something very nice for all Basques and there are options ”, said Iñigo Martínez in the Radio Euskadi program ‘Off the Game’.

The rojiblanco center-back insisted on his idea that there are real options: “Sure. To this day, in these moments, anyone can win. Hopefully Real can come and we can see another Basque final where two teams fight for a title. It would be something important ”.

Regarding Madrid, Athletic’s rival, Iñigo Martínez indicated that “they have a great squad and they will have been preparing for this match. They asked us for the field, after Pamplona, ​​so that they could train in Malaga, there was no problem in that sense. Madrid is Madrid and if you are not one hundred percent against them you suffer”.

Regarding the double possibility of winning a title throughout this season, the rojiblanco defender indicated that “it doesn’t matter where you are for someone who is not used to winning titles. That it is your first title is something special, unique and unforgettable. It would be the fruit of so many years. One always aspires to win something and being in clubs like Real and Athletic, being realistic, nowadays it is usually very difficult to reach the finals ”.

Iñigo Martínez, on the arrival of Marcelino to the Athletic bench, made it clear on the Radio Euskadi microphones that “he has come with great enthusiasm, enthusiasm, he knows us well and we must learn from him as we learned in his day with Gaizka or with Berizzo . We have to put the batteries. The workouts are being very intense. You have to grit your teeth, show your claws and be one hundred percent with Marcelino. He is a great coach and in fact he has shown it many years in other teams ”.