Why Jennifer Aniston is the new queen of Instagram

The leading actress of the mythical series ‘Friends’ She remains a style icon for many, even those teenagers who weren’t even born when Aniston won everyone’s hearts with the popular series.

Now she can also be considered the queen of Instagram, surpassing even Kim Kardashian in number of followers in less time with which she broke a Guinness record.

Jennifer Aniston’s debut on the social network a year ago crowned her with a million followers in a few hours, thanks to the star’s first post: a snapshot of a meeting of the actors of the popular comedy and that already accumulates more than 16 million ‘likes’.

Almost unintentionally and without the need to advertise or “beg” followers, the veteran actress stormed the podium of the major influencers. His snapshots, marked by the naturalness and memories of his career, garner countless applause when he appears alongside one of the stars of ‘Friends’, the comedy that marked a whole generation and that he still continues to hook for his ironic and intelligent humor.

A year after that successful staging, the actress accumulates more than 36 million followers and, despite the fact that her publications appear in droppers, she always gets millions of ‘likes’ in a few hours. And unsurprisingly, the actress is followed by numerous Hollywood stars, elite athletes and well-known celebrities. Aniston, meanwhile, follows 461 people including the billionaire businesswoman Kim Kardashian, who is being dethroned by the exponential popularity of the actress. Far are the 197 million followers of the Kardashian more popular, but with the rate at which Aniston is growing in the networks, she could be on her heels in no time.