Why is the Oscars gala held in April this year?

The Oscars in spring? You are right. Although it may seem strange, in this edition the most important film ceremony in the world will be during the month of April.

It is just one of the special measures that the Academy has taken to rescue what, without a doubt, has been a very difficult period for the industry, the box office and the Hollywood community.

A) Yes, the Oscars 2021 will be They are celebrated in the middle of spring, specifically on the night of April 25. The 93rd Academy Awards has had to deal with so many unforeseen events arising from the pandemic and its devastating impact on the global film industry that, in fact, there were those who thought it was not going to take place at all. But it is clear that the show must go on.

On June 15, 2020, the Hollywood Academy of Arts and Sciences announced that the ceremony would be delayed for a couple of months, from February 28 to April 25, which means that the selection period for candidate films lasted until that very February 28, 2021. This statement not only put an end to rumors pointing to a cancellation, but also gave the industry some time to recover from the severe setback suffered in the first weeks of the pandemic.

Continuing with this movement on the calendar, the nominations were announced on March 15 (you can see who the winners and winners were at the end of this article). The traditional meal with all the nominees and nominees is scheduled to be held on April 15, although it remains to be seen how such an event can adapt to the security measures of the covid-19.