“Why is homosexuality accepted in women’s football and not in men’s?”

Harderstar of the Wolfsburg and the Danish women’s soccer team, has spoken about homosexuality in the world of soccer in an interview with ‘ELFEN’.

The 27-year-old forward has referred to the now iconic kiss starring the Danish and Swedish Cupcake
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United: “Most of the reactions were positive. Many people wrote to tell us that we had encouraged them to also be open to their guidance. Little by little we realized that we can use our reputation for that, “he said. Harder, aware that that snapshot perfectly staged the naturalness with which many soccer players treat homosexuality.

Instead, Harder He believes that “men’s soccer still cultivates outdated notions of masculinity,” although he was hopeful that some “active player might have the courage to commit to his homosexuality, because there certainly are these players,” he added.

Subsequently, through your account Twitter, the author of 22 goals this season in the Bundesliga He shared the interview accompanied by the following reflection: “Why is homosexuality accepted in women’s football and not in men’s?” I wish everyone could openly deal with homosexuality, but I understand the doubt. The culture in men’s soccer is still outdated and the answer would be different. But why ”, he finished.