‘Why can’t we complicate life for Real Madrid?’

The coach of the Elche CF, Fran Escribá, wondered why his team cannot think of adding in his visit to the Real Madrid, despite recognizing the superiority of the rival and the quality of its players.

“We have all the possibilities. It is clear that they are favorites because they are a better team, ”said the Valencian, who recalled that teams like Cádiz or Deportivo Alavés have already managed to surprise Real Madrid this season.

“The plan is to go and win, as the boys have said during the week,” said Escribá, who admitted that to prepare for the game he had watched the first round match, in which Elche drew a draw against Madrid at home. .

Fran Escribá assured that the idea of ​​Elche “is not to go backwards”, since he indicated that “99% of the teams that do it lose”. “We must be a solid team that does not grant chances and look at the opposing goal, because it is rare that Madrid does not score at home,” argued Escribá, who downplayed the rival’s registrations or rotations by pointing out that “whatever eleven is it will be a very complicated rival ”.

The Elche coach did not want to argue about the controversy of penalties after hands and asked for respect for the refereeing team by football professionals.

“It cannot be that you have an opinion according to what interests you. Putting the focus on the referees is something that tires, “said the coach, who admitted that a draw would be” fantastic because it brings you a little closer to salvation “, although he specified that the mentality of his team is not to play at that result.

Praise and admiration for Zidane

Escribá had words of praise for Zinedine Zidane, whom he defined as a “very important character in the history of world football and Real Madrid”. “He is a man who transmits because he speaks from knowledge. He manages the group well and is a teammate I admire, ”added the coach, who guaranteed that he has all the players he has on the Elche squad, despite the fact that some of them barely have minutes.

“I don’t take the players out to look good. I ask the players to be prepared for when I need them and they are all doing it. The player who only trains when he sees possibilities to play is not useful to me ”, he declared.