Who will win the Champions League final?

By game, by footballers and by
. For having rowed five years in the same direction. For having proven against some forecasts that it is possible to succeed in England with other ideas beyond the traditional ones. With more experience than Chelsea, City have more arguments on the table to think that their candidacy for the Champions League is more reliable. As a club, it can be said that the London team has more experience but no one from the team of
played that European final in 2012. Not even
, the oldest. The City has just raised the Premier League and exudes the self-confidence of those who have charted the path to success. Chelsea seem the most uncomfortable of rivals, but football owes one to footballers like
De Bruyne.
Also to
Pep Guardiola
, who after all wants to be crowned again in a Champions League that he has never lost when he has reached the final

Chelsea do not have the vitola of favorites in this final, and not too bad. The pressure will play against a Manchester City that has been pursuing that dream for five seasons. The ‘blues’ face this final with a Champions League already in their windows and with the experience that it brings. The hunger of this young group was already seen in the semifinals, where they beat Real Madrid in a choral soccer exercise organized in defense and attack. Tuchel know the tricks of
and is able to counteract them. In fact, of three games that both have seen the faces, two have fallen on the side of Chelsea. The good defense on the block was key to making Guardiola’s men uncomfortable, as well as the starts in transition at the points to hit. This promises to be a game of chess, and the one who moves his pieces the best and has the most patience wins. Chelsea have a lot to say and
does not want to miss another Champions