WHO charges against mass celebrations of Naples for the Coppa

With the Coppa of Italy, he Naples he won his first title since 2014 and its fans did not deprive themselves of celebrating it in a big way, massively and without respecting any of the sanitary precautions required by the medical protocol of the Covid-19. After conquer the final against the Juventus, the rival of the FC Barcelona in the round of 16 of the Champions League He saw thousands of his followers take to the streets of the capital of Campania. According to estimates by local authorities, at least 5,000 ‘tifosi’ They had no qualms to celebrate the success of their favorite team just as it would have done before the world pandemic that, in Europe, hit Italy with special virulence. The images were so scandalous that a senior spokesman for the World Health Organization (WHO) he called “unfortunate” a citizenry that just a few weeks ago was confined to his home. Ranieri Guerra, WHO deputy director, he described as “unfortunate” the thousands of fans who crowded the central roads of Naples. “It hurts me to see these photos,” acknowledged the deputy director of the who. “At this time we cannot allow it, luckily it happened in Naples where the governor and the mayor have implemented strict measures and the incidence of the virus is lower than in other places,” he added. Guerra recalled the aftermath in the form of contagion left by the Champions League match played in February Atalanta and the Valencia.

The coach of the champion team was forced several times the planned route as it could not circulate normally through streets crowded with fans who did not hesitate to show up with their classic flares.

The celebrations lasted until four in the morning and stirred a heated political controversy in which even the leader of the League has intervened, Matteo Salvini. “Where was it From Luca? “He asked, referring to the president of the Campania region, Vincenzo de Luca, who had threatened during the confinement to comply with the quarantine by sending his police with flamethrowers to repress the rebels. “The contagion of happiness won,” said the mayor of naples, Luigi from Magistris. “There were only Neapolitans, and Naples has not had infections since the quarantine ended,” he justified.

Naples-Barça, first leg of the Champions League round of 16, ended 1-1

Now it costs less to imagine what can be built in Naples if the San Paolo club eliminates Barça in the round of 16 of the Champions League. Behind the 1-1 Registered in the first leg, played in Italy on February 25, it has yet to be made official by UEFA if Camp Nou will host the second leg, scheduled for 7-8 August.