Which communities have been more athletes during confinement?

There have been many days that Spaniards, and more specifically sports fans, have had to spend locked up at home without being able to go out and practice their favorite hobby. Running down the hall, cycling on a roller or following gym classes through social networks has been the norm in many houses in Spain. Now, after the strictest confinement, and once the de-escalation measures have been approved by the government, which allow people to go out and practice sports, JD Sports has carried out a study to discover which have been the most popular sports in each region.

What exercises have been the most wanted during confinement?

Trends in digital searches on topics such as yoga, home exercise tables or the possibility of running have surprisingly increased in the last 90 days and the most searched according to Google figures are:

Digital search trends by autonomous community

It is observed in the map that the most requested have been the exercises for the back. This is the case of places like Valencian Community, Andalusia, Madrid or Galicia among other territories. Other areas like Castilla La Mancha and Extremadura have been more interested in strengthening the legs.

The Principality of Asturias becomes the only autonomous community that has the most popular exercises related to the arms. Finally, in Catalonia, La Rioja, Navarra and the Basque Country they have focused mainly on exercises that allow strengthening the abs.

Ranking of digital searches during confinement by region

Basques are the most interested in exercising at home.

If we combine the data of searches carried out in Google and YouTube about exercises at home during the last 90 days, we can discover which autonomous community of Spain has had a greater interest. Digital search trends reveal that the Basque Country leads the table, followed by Castilla y León and Asturias. At the tail end would be communities like Galicia, Catalonia and Murcia, who are the least searched on the subject on the internet in recent days.

Basque Country

2.Castilla and León



5.Castilla-La Mancha



8.Community of Madrid


10.Valencian Community

11.La Rioja

12.Canary Islands


14 Balearic Islands



17.Region of Murcia

Weight loss exercises

Adding the trends of several possible searches on the weight of the communities of Extremadura, Navarra and Aragón They are the ones that have carried out this type of internet searches the most in the last 90 days. Where weight matters least is in Catalunya, Murcia and La Rioja.

Ranking of digital searches during weight confinement
Ranking of digital searches during weight confinement

Go for a run

“Can you go running?” It is just one of the doubts that many athletes had these days, as reflected in searches in Google. Limited by the four walls of his house and wanting to move his legs while walking through the city, information has been sought in all the autonomous communities of Spain on the subject of running during confinement.

The ranking by communities in digital searches during confinement was:

1.Community of Madrid


3.Region of Murcia

4.Valencian Community



7.Castilla.La Mancha




11.La Rioja

12.Castilla and León


14. Basque Country


16 Balearic Islands


Yoga at home

In the communities in which this discipline has triumphed the most are, without a doubt, Balearic Islands and Catalonia. Both Balearic and Catalan have shown a clear interest in yoga according to data from Google and YouTube. Where it has had less relevance is in Extremadura and Andalusia.