‘Where is the limit?’ distributes 13,500 euros in sports scholarships

The inspiring content platform ‘Where is the limit?’, Led by former GAES CEO Antonio Gassó, has presented the awards for the ninth edition of its scholarship program “WITL Becas”, which has the main support of Andbank, and whose objective is to help amateur athletes to achieve their dreams. In addition, the prizes of a new modality have also been awarded, the special scholarship WITL Sub-23 by BH, destined to help financially a young sports promise, who is under 23 years old, has the dream of being a professional and needs financial support to get it.

In total, 9,000 euros have been awarded to sports projects, distributed among 5 of the 12 finalists, and 4,500 euros more to 7 of the 12 most voted projects in the new U-23 modality.

Winning projects

In this edition of the WITL Scholarships (www.witl.es/becas) 66 different projects have been presented (11 more than last year) and there have been 10 which, thanks to their dissemination since last November in the Since this edition began until April 30, when the voting period closed, they have managed to get enough votes to reach the final phase. In addition, the WITL team decided to re-fish two projects that had not entered the Top-10 of the most voted projects, and that were also finalists.

After meeting the jury, made up of personalities from the world of sports, business and communication – among them the Senator Josep Maldonado, Carlos Coloma (Olympic mountain bike medalist), Fernando Belasteguín (professional paddle tennis player), Nuria Vilanova (President of Atrevia) or the former professional cyclist 4 times winner of La Vuelta a España Roberto Heras, among many others- it has been decided to award these projects:

· 1,000 euros for “Morocco On Bike
for the Charcot Marie Tooth research”, A project presented by a 14-year-old girl, Olivia, who suffers from a degenerative neuromuscular disease called Charcot Marie Tooth, and who intends to complete all the stages of the Morocco On Bike in her adapted tribike to raise funds for research on her disease .

1,500 euros for “Connecting Senses: 21 km swim by swim due to deafblindness”, A project presented by Jorge España, who suffers from deafblindness, and his guide Mapi Martínez, who intend to complete a half marathon, swimming together in the Mediterranean Sea for a week (3 km per day) to give visibility to deafblindness.

· 1,500 euros for “Visible alliance: tandem to break down barriers of dis (capacity)“, Presented by the young blind Eva Cambero and her guide and friend Sofía Silva, who intend to compete in adapted cycling and paratriathlon to give visibility to women and adapted sport and help the Association” Otra Oportunidad “.

· 2,500 euros for “FinisteRett: Camino de Santiago by “Mi Princesa Rett”, A project presented by the President of the“ Mi Princesa RETT ”Association, Paco Santiago, who intends to pedal with a team led by comedian Dani Rovira from Mérida to Finisterre, where they will meet the group of the Association’s mothers , who will have made the Camino de Santiago in the northern part. And they will do all of this to give visibility to RETT Syndrome and raise funds for its research.

· 2,500 euros for “Pushing Limits: Santiago to the Camino de Santiago in tandem”, Presented by Juan Zemborain, father of an 18-year-old boy, Santiago, who suffers from autism. Both plan to travel the 757 km that separate Roncesvalles from Santiago de Compostela on a double bike in 15 days, with the aim of promoting the use of the tandem as a tool for family, social and rehabilitation inclusion, and to talk about autism.

Winning projects of the WITL Sub-23 BH Special Scholarship

In addition to the sports scholarships, WITL has also launched, with the support of BH Bikes and as a novelty in this ninth edition of the WITL Becas, a special scholarship of 4,500 euros to help young athletes under 23 years of age who want to reach the professionalism.

The jury has decided to award these 7 projects:

300 euros for Victor Garcia, a 21-year-old young man from Aviles who seeks to join a cycling team where he can progress and learn to the fullest in order, in the future, to reach professionalism.

300 euros for David Campos, Sub-23 cyclist from the BH Templo Cafés Co-factory of Carlos Coloma, who competes in the XCO modality and wants to become a professional cyclist.

500 euros for Carmen de Felipe, who suffers from a disease that affects the right eye and the left paddle and whose big dream is to be a professional adapted cyclist.

700 euros for Abel moga, a 20-year-old young man from Vielha who practices the “Freeride” skiing modality and wants to be able to compete in the Freeride World Tour.

700 euros for Jaime Andrés Mariño, a 22-year-old young man from Madrid who competes in adapted cycling and wants to be a permanent cyclist in the Spanish adapted cycling team.

1,000 euros for Audrey pascual, a 16-year-old young woman from Madrid who was born without legs, is the Champion of Spain and the 2020 European Cup in the absolute category of adapted snowboarding and wants to compete in the Winter Paralympic Games.

1,000 euros for Samuel Rodriguez, a 16-year-old young man from Madrid who was born with a malformation in his left arm and wants to compete in triathlon at the 2024 Paralympic Games in Paris.