‘When Joao takes off he will be one of the best on the planet’

Joao Felix has experienced a difficult second season in the
Atlético de Madrid
. From starting out as a true rocket ship and being the leader of the team that performed the best and rose to the lead, to being positive for Coronavirus, have physical ankle problems and lose ownership.

Many expect the best version of the Portuguese, let us not forget that it cost 127 million euros and that it is the most expensive signing in the history of the club. In the mattress entity there is still hope in him.

“The day it takes off will be one of the most important on the football planet. Players are not machines, they have good and bad days. He will give many afternoons of glory in this club, “he explained. Enrique Cerezo, president of the Atlético de Madrid, in an interview in The spar.

The top mattress president reviewed many issues related to the current situation of the team, among them, of course, that of being able to become champions. For this you will have to win in Valladolid. “All the games are difficult. There is no small enemy and it is clear that it will not be a procedural match. We want to be champions and save the Valladolid, but he will need to win and of course … “, said the president of the Athletic.

The mattress president asked the fans, those who travel to Valladolid or those who stay in Madrid where the title could be celebrated, to be restrained. “On Neptune nothing is prepared, because we have not won anything. I send a message of prudence and measure ”, he said about the second case.


“The fan of Athletic
Madrid He has traveled the world and has delivered. We must respect all the decisions that Health has made, we must not go to take evil. Everyone has to be responsible for their actions. You have to keep your distances and wear a mask, “he explained about the invasion of fans of the Athletic that is expected in the city of Pucelana.

Finally, he also made a balance on the season of the mattress team, which said that “it has been a very long, very tough league.” For him, the privileged situation now held by the rojiblanco team is based on the fact that “a great first part of The league”. “We had a bump but we are back in shape. Now have a little luck to win at Valladolid”, He concluded.