When is the time change for this month of March 2021?

With the beginning of the astronomical spring comes, year after year, the time change. It takes place on the last weekend of the month of March, which means that at dawn on Sunday the 28th it will be time to advance the clock.

Yes, we will lose an hour of sleep because by magic At 2 in the morning we will have to advance the clock until 3.

But when does the time change: From Saturday to Sunday or from Sunday to Monday?

It is the question we eternally ask ourselves when the time change approaches. We call “Sunday morning” the hours that elapse between the end of Saturday and daylight on Sunday. In other words, what some call “Saturday night” is actually the time of change.

But is it useful to change the time?

The purpose of the time change is to adapt to the daylight hours to reduce electricity consumption. In fact, It is estimated that the saving in lighting is almost 5% thanks to the small gesture of the hands, according to the Institute for the Diversification and Saving of Energy (IDAE).

In summary: Sunday morning we will sleep one hour less because at 2 am it will be 3 am. That will make dawn and dusk later, so we will gain hours of light, at the cost of losing an hour of sleep.

Although the measure is not without controversy and there are those who argue that it is a custom that could be abolished, for now, we will have to continue moving the hands.