“When I didn’t sign for Atlético de Madrid I wanted to die”

Alejandro Gomez, which in the world of soccer is known as ‘Papuan’Is one of those footballers who Diego Simeone he was left wanting to sign for him
Atlético de Madrid

The mattress trainer tried this a couple of times. The Argentine coach knew him from his time at the Catania and he worked so that his compatriot ended up on the mattress team. He has already told it on some occasion. The last one, in his participation in the Argentine journalist’s program Martin
Reich, a space called ‘Smoke free’.

There, the now captain of Atalanta, where one of the most important names in the A series, He pointed out that just four million euros separated him from being a mattress player in 2013.

“We were at Argentina with Simeone and one day we went to lunch. There he told me that he was coming back for the preseason and that he was going to ask me for reinforcement, but Atlético was doing badly financially and they could not agree, “said the Argentine player.

Catania He asked for ten million euros and they offered six. They did not sell me and I wanted to die because afterwards champions came out, ”said the footballer, who was left with the desire to wear the red and white.

In the end, his destination was Ukraine, in the ranks of the Metalist, at a time of warlike hostilities between the former Soviet republic and Russia. “I ended up going to Metalist because the Russians came and put the money. They played the Champions League and there were several Argentines, but I had to end up escaping from the war. If it were not for that I would not be in the Atalanta“Explained the footballer.


The Argentine footballer has never hidden what was Simeone on its path. “Simeone taught me a lot. He made me play outside and it took me a while to come back. I told him that if I also had to defend, I got tired. But he was right and that’s why I sent him a message to thank him for his teachings, “explained the player from Atalanta not long ago, in another interview.