What was missing to win more titles with Atleti

As a rojiblanco player I won two King’s Cups and almost every season we finish in second or third place, fighting for the championship. In retrospect it seems to know little, but there were three factors that are worth considering, from least to greatest:

The first is the format of the competitions itself. At that time the Champions League It was the “European Champions Cup”, only the league champions of each country played it. I never disputed it as a red and white. To give you an idea: with the format of yesteryear, from these last 7 years, our meringues neighbors could only have aspired to the title once, like the Athlete, and the other 5 would have gone Barca. Other times.

The second factor is because I coincided with two historical generations of rivals: both the Quinta del Buitre of our neighbors meringues as later later the Johan Cruyff’s Dream Team at Barça. If they are already huge rivals by themselves, it was even more difficult to face two of the best squads in their history at that time.

Even so, we were very close to winning leagues and we beat those teams many times, like a historic 0-4 in the Bernabeu. What went wrong? For me the main factor was stability. With my dearest pressure Jesús Gil y Gil nobody ever knew what was going to happen. All the coaches I had with him knew that the contract did not matter: if they had two negative results in a row they would go to the streets.

For the players it was a very tense situation because we knew that if we lost the next game, the coach would join the list of unemployment. We all felt guilty, it is very hard for a squad that their coach is dismissed. As a captain, I often argued with the President and begged him to reconsider his decision, such as with Gracious, that we were second in the League and kicked him unfairly.

The list of my misters of those years was too long. I think a Guinness Record. In the 1987-88 season we had three coaches: Menotti, Ufarte and Briones. In 88-89 there were five: Magureri, Briones, Atkinson, Addison and again Briones. At 89-90, Clemente, Briones and Peiró. At 90-91 Peiro he was dismissed in August a few days after the start of the league for losing two games in the preseason. Something unpublished!

We start the championship with Sheepdog, then came Ivic that qualified us for the final of the Copa del Rey … but is dismissed just before the final … to which he returned Sheepdog to the bench to win it! In season 91-92, Luis Aragones It is the first and only one that begins and ends the year. And it was also the time that we were closest to winning the League and also the Recopa after eliminating the current champion. It could have been a triplet but it stayed in the historic Copa del Rey conquered at the Bernabéu.

Despite the chaos in all these years, we managed to win two Cups, one of them historic, and we always fought for the League. I am sure that despite the Dream Team and the Quinta del BuitreIf that team had been stable for three or four years, we would have won many more things.